7 Top Essential Skills for Ruby on Rails Development

October 8, 2019
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App and web development has become an important part of the current tech-driven period. For almost every aspect, there exist mobile and web apps. Though employing web applications is as simple as walking on the petals, but making them is as tough as cracking a nut. In this article, we are sharing 7 top essential skills for Ruby on Rails development.

There are several codes and numerous testing at the back of a successfully working mobile and web application. 

The release of Ruby on Rails emerged like a blessing as it lowers the hard work of writing the codes in the mobile and web app development. This expertise assists the developers in creating a successful app with the lowering efforts. That’s why Ruby on Rails developers are much in demand nowadays. 

Now, it’s the time to give a pathway to some legal question here:

  • Do you find it easy to hire Ruby on Rails developers?

Not actually. But, we are here to help you out with 7 top essential skills for Ruby on Rails development as follows;

1. Ruby Skills

To create a website, you require to write the code and Ruby is that that makes it true. All its frameworks are written in Ruby language only. Ruby depends on further advanced operations of Ruby on Rails. With a strong base, the outcome is expected to be impressive. That’s why it is essential to check what kind of Ruby skills an aspiring candidate holds. So, in Ruby what’s essential to monitor. Let’s check it out below: 

Command over the syntax: Like the other language, web programming also arrives with its set of syntax. Here, the syntax is class, writing loops, and modules. An ideal candidate should be well-versed with the writing knowledge of the conditional statements of a program and also in declaring a constructor in ruby. He should know about the entire Ruby callbacks and should acknowledge the way of implementation in the real-time world. 

Knowledge of OOP: 

A good hold of Object-Oriented Programming is an essential part of Ruby of Rails development because it assists a ROR developer to the codes’ virtual view. It’s highly imperative to monitor the compatibility of the codes among themselves and acknowledge their performance in an actual world. So, when you just move-on with hiring Ruby on Rails developer, be sure that he should be well-versed with the root difference between composition and inheritance, also know the way of creating lambdas and other OOP aspects. 

2. Ruby on Rails Skills

Do you prefer hiring someone with no master of a trade?

Absolutely not! Your perfect candidate should grasp the command about the fundamental to advanced concepts and principles of Ruby on Rails. While planning to hire Ruby on Rails developer, be sure to count the following chief expertise:

  • MVC Framework: Model/View/Controler or MVC framework is the crucial structure employed in ROR. Written in Ruby and used widely in web development. The Ruby on Rails developer should be confident in such a part if you want your web or mobile app should win the hearts. He should have the knowledge relevant to the working of each layer, the way of inserting business structure and logic in the app. 
  • ActiveRecord: Data persistent is an inescapable part of web development. In ROR, ActiveRecords takes care of this. Basically, it is a Ruby library that aids us in performing over the Rational SQL database. It is also imperative for Object-Relational Mapping. Lacking the knowledge of this will result in half-good Ruby on Rails. 
  • REST API: For data transfer and exchange, REST is a web protocol. All the apps need an API to perform at perfection. REST APIs are prioritized first as compared to the traditional APIs like SOAP as its easy processing and easy configuration in preferred the most. So, do check whether your candidate knows GET, POST, DELETE, and PUT data transactions in REST.

3. Front-End Development Skills

  • JavaScript: Some abilities are just common in almost everything. You may count JavaScript in the same. This high-level programming language is always needed in web development. With the employment of JavaScript, the ROR developer will become capable of searching any of DOM, can also wrap the element in any hidden HTML, tackle the confirmation dialogues and even more. 
  • HTML: While performing with Ruby on Rails, HTML is required the most. In fact, ROR performs better with this. So, be sure your ideal candidate has excellent HTML skills. The candidate should also know the way of writing tags and using them. 
  • CSS: With a perfect presentation only HTML gets complete. Cascading Style Sheet also known as CSS is needed for the same. It’s one of the vital pre-requisite skills that every Front-end developer should hold.

4. Database Skills

Mobile or web app development can’t take place in the absence of the database. When it comes to ROR, SQL and PostgreSQL/MySql are the key databases. 

  • SQL: Every web developer needs expertise in SQL. Though in the case of ROR, SQL will be written by ActiveRecord, and the ROR developer is required to take care of no downfall take place and should acknowledge concisely and logs well. 
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL: One of the widely-known database engines is MySQL that will always rule the web development world. That’s why ROR developer should hold command over this database engine. PostgreSQL is an upgraded version and its awareness is an extra advantage. 

5. Tools Handling Skills

Website development is a complicated job. It wants tons of resources along with the apt use of tools required to attract a successful web app into being. While fighting for the best ROR developer be sure he knows working well in the following-mentioned tools:

  • Git: It’s a must-have tool for the management of code and a de-facto standard for the version control. Your candidate should remember the process of creating new branches in Git and push the codes in it.  
  • Cl, Docker, and Heroku: These are the fundamental deployment tools that all the ROR developers are going to employ while the formation of a web app. 
  • Pivotal/Asana/Trello: If you are a member of the ticket management app development and the project, then be sure that the ROR developer should learn the usage of Pivotal/Asana/Trello. These tools are particularly designed for ticket management site development and project. The learning of these tools will assist you in leveraging your process of web development. 

6. Testing and Validation Skills

Before any real-time release, our web app should cross regress testing. If your picked ROR developer doesn’t hold the calibre to test the end-product then his entire work will be of no importance. One such important skill is unit testing that assures that the end product is ready to get launched. Be sure that your ROR developer knows the pattern of running the dummy commands, and recognizing the loopholes. 

RSpec is acknowledged among the most liked testing tools when it comes to Ruby on Rails. Various web development companies choose it as it’s easy to use and is clear. It offers a clear picture of the testing. So, your ROR should be found as an expert in RSpec. 

7. Passion for Programming

Last but not least crucial skill that a ROR developer should clutch is programming passion. It’s not an easy task as it sounds. It is much daunting and gruelling. If the ROR developer is not that keen for code generation and performing the endless testing than it may result in no love for it. 

Prefer hiring Ruby on Rails developer of high credibility and merits. It’s not an easy task but, it’s possible. You may pick the best company for hiring the best developers with core skills. We hope this 7 top essential skills for Ruby on Rails development guide proves to be helpful for you. Please do share your reviews in the comment section below. 

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