Necessary Tools for a Logo Designer

Logos, the first impression of a brand demands a professional logo designer for a forever best outcome. Are you a logo designer and looking for designing a logo? If yes, then you are on the right spot. Check out some necessary tools for a logo designer.

Today, we are here together to know what are the tools that a logo designer needs for crafting an appealing logo design. So, let’s get started:

Well, here to ease your pocket, we have come up with the easy home-available necessary tools for a logo designer for you that need not even a single penny. 


Pencils & Paper

Obviously, the pencil is one among the main tools that you as a logo designer will need for designing a logo, be it a pencil or a pen. Most of the designers recommend the use of a mechanical pencil that means you can constantly brainstorm and sketch without any requirement for sharpening the tip. 

Some also advice to go for the coloured pencil to bold the best ideas from the prepared sketch before moving to transform it into the digital form.

Sketchbook (or a paper)

Although we can develop the final outcome on a computer, a paper is a place where everything just appears easily. It will ease your brainstorming and aid you with the development ideas before concluding with a final design on a computer. 

Some designers prefer sometimes to first root the ideas directly on the computer, but the mistakes trap them. The speed and sheer freedom that emerges from the sketch is known to be the best way out to pop out the ideas. Most of the times, we just scratch down an idea only to drive something unique, that sometimes end up with a stronger outlook that we would also haven’t ever considered.

The requirement of a paper is just a basic one, however, the logo designers are mostly recommended to pick various sketchbooks to see a pro soon in you. 


The exact sort of computer that you should look for must lie within your budget and as per your preferences, However, the software that you are going to install as per your professional requirements would not demand a heavy processor, that’s why you can go for an average computer. It will work damn amazingly. 

Well, working on a big screen would be best to draw your ideas which will come out to become a perfect job. 

Using a laptop will allow you to reach your favourite place be it a park or seashore, which will definitely help in bringing out your inspiration. 

Vector Graphics Softwares

After having a desktop or laptop, your next need would be the right software. For the logo designing, you will first require a vector graphic editor. 

Unlike the raster images that are made using the pixels, Vector graphics are actually based on the points, path, curves, lines, and shapes employing the mathematical equations that tell us that they are indefinitely scaled without losing the quality. 

The industry-standard vector software is Adobe Illustrator. Furthermore, there exist various other picks in the market also a few that are absolutely free. 

Let’s check out a few options as below:

Adobe Illustrator (Paid)

As mentioned already, vector graphic software that’s as per the industry standard is Adobe Illustrator. So, if you are seriously looking for a professional logo designer tool then you should prefer this one. 

Being the most preferred logo designing tool, it’s always the first choice of the designers who are new to this journey. It’s rich in features, embracing various robust tools that permit you to create and edit the designs that too in an easy way. 

Tools like the pencil and pen tool allow you to draw easily almost everything that comes in your mind, with accuracy. Linked with the PathFinder tool, you can build exact shapes as required in a simple manner. 

Available with a range of plugins, Illustrator enables a designer to stretch his capabilities. 

Although, Adobe Illustrator is lying on the top of the list cost too high but appears to be reasonable for the students or if you are using it for your individual use. You can also purchase by picking an entire Adobe suite while choosing other design software like InDesign and Photoshop. 

Inkscape (Free)

A free alternative to Adobe Illustrator is Inkscape that provides a wide range of akin flexible tools for drawing like pen and pencil tool picking along the colors and text tools that a professional logo designer needs. 

Inkscape also permits you to craft the accurate file formats for the logo design embracing EPS, PDF, and PNG that means you will definitely come out with the professional results also. 

This tool is available at free of cost and is an open-source that points that it’s community-developed and is also available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Online you can find its more resources that assist the users in learning its working. 

Vectr (Free)

Next, it’s the chance of another graphic software available freely, Vectr, however, unlike the mentioned, it holds the advantage of being a browser-based solution that you can use simply by singing-up. Optionally, you can download and install the same tool on Windows, Apple, Chromebook, and Linux devices. 

Fairly, it’s acknowledged as a basic tool and doesn’t hold much-advanced features that are available in the other choices mentioned so far. But comparatively, it’s very easy to understand and learn, with the on-screen training that’s available prior using the platform. 

Like with the other mentioned tools, it embraces the use of a pencil and a pen tool for freehand drawing, so by using this freely available tool, the skills that you have built can be employed in the other mentioned options. 

But, you will become sad to know that the files types that are available to allow you to export is PNG, SVG, and JPEG. Still, it permits you to produce the logos that can be employed both in print and online but, will limit your skills to reach to next professional level. 


It’s a well-known fact that almost every logo design makes the use of typography. Either the one that is created by you from the scratch or perhaps the one that you have purchased or downloaded. Literary, there exist millions of fonts, some of which are free, and the rest are paid. 

When it comes to free fonts, the internet is full of them, but most are available only for personal use. So, be sure you check the license before you finalize any font for creating a logo. 

The font mostly holds a commercial license, but thanks to the makers, as many fonts are available with free commercial options. 

When we talk about the paid font, we are going to find them much better comparatively so it’s always worthwhile investing in the so.

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After going through some basic tools for designing a logo, you might have found this writeup quite beneficial for you. Please do share your thoughts also and other relevant queries.