Evergreen Content Writing Tips for Beginners: A Complete Guide

October 21, 2019
evergreen content writing guide for beginners

Evergreen Content, the phrase might not be strange to some, but a few would be eager to know about. So, let’s just start with an intro of the evergreen content. 

About Evergreen Content

The one who lives in a world, which surrounds content marketing, SEO or any sort of web marketing, would have heard about evergreen content. But, for the others, SEO content is evergreen content, that stays “fresh” and relevant constantly for the readers. 

Next, you might want to raise a question stating, why the content is named evergreen? Don’t worry, we are all set already with your response. 

Actually, the thing is the term “evergreen” when pronounced, echoes its ‘casual’ face, that’s even not new to the non-marketing people, as during Christmas evergreen trees usually of fir variety or the pine are often in demand for adorning the homes. Symbol of perpetual life, the evergreen tree is believed to holding its leaves during all the seasons, in spite of shedding. That’s why the same tale is recited for the evergreen content that is acknowledged as lasting and sustainable. 

Hold On! Hold On! Some of you are again ready with the confusion that all the online content is sustainable, be it blog posts, articles, or other, these don’t even fly off. We actually mean that while talking about a piece of so-called evergreen content, it is the content that stays relevant for long since its publication, that drives towards the growing traffic. 

Evergreen Formats

Now, let’s just check out some common format of evergreen content that you may follow to produce lasting content:

  • Top Tips
  • Lists 
  • Videos
  • Product Reviews
  • “How To” Instructional Tutorials
  • Encyclopedia-esque Entries

It’s not like writing in the above formats will make your content evergreen, but these work well with the evergreen writing

Evergreen Articles

Next, we will go through some ideas of evergreen articles that are quite old. Sometimes a few subjects never become old. So, let’s just move on:

  • Romance and Love
  • Saving Money/Finance
  • Food
  • Pet Care
  • Weight Loss
  • Parenting
  • Careers and Jobs

Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

Avoid writing for experts as sometimes writing a piece for them give a feeling of compulsion, that can further pose a big mistake. Experts are proficient in themselves, there’s no requirement of any help in their case. Beginners should be as your target audience, and your content should straightly aim towards them only. 

Now, we will try out some dos and don’ts for writing evergreen content as below:

1. Keep the ratio of technical language a little low

As our content should be targeting the beginners, so you should keep it simple, uncomplicated, and don’t hit them much with the technical lingo. 

2. Roam close to your subject

A broad topic should not be your priority as it may make your content a bit lengthy, which will leave the readers uninterested. The broad topic will attract more competition and will lead to head terms or shorter keywords. The broader piece might not be so simple for writing. The specific and simple topic would prove to be more seizing. 

3. Make linking posts

If your present topic is covering a complete guide, then you may go for dividing a broad topic into specific and narrow pieces and then link all those articles together. This will sound soothing backing SEO and will allow the readers to meet their particular demands while guiding them towards the additional related articles. 

4. Recycle your best content

After completing your amazing evergreen piece, try looking for discreet ways to recycle or reuse it in other formats. This is the best way to give a new life to the outdated content. There are many ways out to repurpose the content, you may follow them to move further.

5. Don’t be Dependable on Evergreen Writing

Undoubtedly, evergreen content is valuable, but this doesn’t make sense to make all your website content, evergreen. This type of content would be surely worthy, but everything has its own time and value. 

The other sorts of content should also be there on the web. Like the news articles, season pieces, holiday posts, fashion trends writeups, and more all have their own importance. Again saying, every piece has its own time, like nowadays World Cup news is in trends. So, right now, you should go for the write-ups for the same topic. Once the World Cup gets over, the news would be virtually worthless. The same is applicable to the articles that employ the latest statistics and are deeply researched. These type of pieces still hold importance and are also valued, but would no longer stay forever in trend. 

Evergreen holds the potential to attract traffic towards your site for even months, or years in the near future, if and only if it’s a true one. The prominent content strategy, bank on a blend of two, topical articles, and evergreen long-lasting posts.

Don’t Sink Evergreen Content 

On your blog, don’t allow evergreen content to sink. After writing an evergreen piece, don’t just set it and forget, you will not get the outcome you are expecting. Despite just reveal your valuable evergreen content to make it easily visible and accessible by the website visitors. You may go for the following ways out to accomplish this:

  • On your website, you can build training guide sheets targetting the beginners of the industry. This will assist your audience easily and quickly to terminology and “How to” content. 
  • On your homepage, try out a banner to highlight your posts, or you may go for the sidebar of your blog site also.
  • Periodically, re-run your evergreen pieces on your blog site with regular updates that fit-in. This will aid in showcasing your work to the new audience. 
  • To feature the tutorials and help the people with the basic content, you may create a “Start Here” page on the site.
  • On all your social networks, you can build a social media campaign surrounding your content. 

Throughout the article, we have tried to highlight some of the top strategies for preparing evergreen content and also have exposed various types of content, from which you may pick your favourite one. So, being a writer, what’s your opinion regarding the evergreen content? Have you ever tried writing such? How do you find it? Is it going good for you? Being a part of the audience, do you prefer visiting sites revealing such content? Your views also lay weight on us. 

So, do comment here with your thoughts and queries if any. We are here to fetch out for you. 

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