Every Techie Must Know These Basics About Web Development

December 11, 2019
web developement

For over many years, the top companies are into delivering appealing web products for the leading companies across distinct industries. They leverage their broad-ranging and unique expertise to create a rapid progressive web app, rich-featured labour-management portal or even an e-commerce store with the augmented reality. They provide comprehensive services for web development with clear outcomes and a clear process of development. To learn basics About Web Development every techie must read this blog. This will give a brief understanding of web development and its services.

Web Development Services – Types

Now, let’s just check out different types of web development services as below:

  • Web Application Development Services

Starting from design to integration and then to the maintenance, the top brands offer services for complete-cycle web app development. They develop applications that are fast, scalable, secure, and perform well all across the platforms and devices. 

  • Java Web Development Services

With over many years of offering reliable services of Java web development, the companies are capable of building a complete web solution for their business in Java.

  • E-commerce Web Development Services

Here, an online store is built with a user-friendly and smooth experience, the apt extensions, and reliable linking with other processes. The services of e-commerce web development belonging to the best web development company Jaipur extend to develop all e-commerce platforms. 

  • Drupal Web Development Services

Beginning from complete module management to developing a web solution from scratch, Drupal web development services cover all the business needs of the clients. 

  • Magento Web Development Services

The clients can employ the expertise of the outstanding web development firms to build and use their online store utilizing the Magento platform. Their services of web development process assist their clients in transferring their existing store to the platform or append new extensions. 

  • Custom Web Development Services

The top web development service providers permit to make a cross-platform solution for any of the industry despite purpose or scale complexity. If you want to append the modern tech then contact the best firms offering such services. 

Inside the Services Offered

The process of streamlined development and experience permit in delivering top-quality web development services that embrace the following:

  • Thoroughly interpreted needs.
  • Outstanding UX and UI design that is easily navigable. 
  • A scalable and secure solution that performs rapidly.
  • Custom features.
  • Responsive design with which website performs well all across the platforms and devices.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Vibrant visuals to keep the users engaged.

Technologies Involved

The software engineers of the top brands are found proficient in all the latest technologies required to provide full web development services across the industries:

  • Symfony
  • Python
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • React

Latest Tech 

As there exist many digital transformation brands, they aid their clients in enhancing their web solution with the latest tech in an advanced way out:

  • Augmented Reality: Allow the users to try the accessories employing their smartphones with Augmented Reality.
  • Virtual Reality: Allow the users to conduct the virtual trips of the resort, real estate and more with VR.
  • Cloud: Migrate the web solution to scalable cloud storage of Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. 
  • Internet of Things: It makes the web solution communicate and practice with distinct smart devices. 

Web Development Process 

As many web development companies are delivering services, their process is effective, clear and allows on-time delivery of the web solution. For comprehensive needs accumulating stage to assuring continuous operation of the web solution after deployment, they have everything covered for their clients. 

  • Kick-Off Phase: At this phase, the experts of the company transform their client’s business needs into technical documents for their web solution. They also make their team come together, and its designers to develop a root design. This stage root the base for the overall project. 
  • Development Phase: Software engineers develop a web solution. Most of the companies employ the Scrum methodology, so the client can review the outcomes at a given time. Then their experts carry User Acceptance Testing and also deploy their web solution. 
  • Support Phase: After the release of a web solution, the firms perform constant server monitoring, allocate the team members to resolve the issues and offer customer support. 

To attain the swiftly altering customer demand, sites like online stores require to be reviewed with the new features every once in a while. 

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