How to Develop a Mobile Application with APIs – Know Here

January 8, 2020
How to Develop a Mobile Application with APIs

API, Application programming interfaces, the basic function of it is to develop a link between the app and other systems. It enhances the functionality and efficiency of the mobile app. It is employed for setting up communication between the applications and other aspects such as operating systems. The integration of API in the application uplifts the user experience. 

There exist a plethora of applications of API that makes them an imperative tool for developing an app. API can be designed, customized and built according to the needs. It holds the access point of the apps’ system. There lies the flexibility about the utilization of the APIs and where, whether in the system or app being developed. 

APIs have their existence everywhere unknowingly. We utilize it while calling, texting, or even playing the camera on the phone, employing GPS, or even the calendar. They are part of the routine and are combined with each part of the technology we use. 

So, there’s a question for you. If you are embraced in the process of mobile application development, you would prefer building API or would buy it. 

API – Build or Buy

It is important to integrate API, there is no doubt in this. Basically, there are two ways to perform this. The first pick is to combine an already lying API into an application. The second pick is to create a fresh one all on your own. The first pick is quite easy and saves a lot of money, time, and require less experience. Developing the API from scratch is not that easy, time-consuming, and extends the budget. 

On the other side, crafting an API will enable more customization according to the exact requirements and also sustain the standards of high-security. There are various websites one can use for having previously developed APIs. Still, if you are picking another way, be sure you hire an expert and experienced developer who can honestly move as per the requirements. 

Appropriate Permissions

While developing an API from scratch, remember to inject a developer key. This is how the one who wants to utilize the API requires to insert the code for the same. This will assure to stay far from any sort of hacking, misuse, or abuse. 

Process Documentation

The good thing about the documentation of the API development process is that one can track the progress. Holding proper documentation will keep the user updated about the past and the current status of the API. In case of any changes, or updates holding documentation would be a great help. This will protect you from a big mess that might occur in the future while attempting to fix it but would fail to find the reason behind it. Also, if you want to make your API popular to be used by other developers, they should be well-versed of the functionality of your API. Undoubtedly, the process documentation will enter here. 

Plan the Update

Definitely, that time will arrive when you will require to launch an update for your API. This should flow according to a plan while developing API. Be sure that your development is such that it’s safe and easy to launch update whenever required. If you miss while creating and deploying your update for API, you may call a huge mess with entire apps and the functionalities depending on your API. The whole process of developing a new version should be case-by-case defined and a process should be framed prior to the situation becomes active.