Importance of UX and UI in a Mobile App [New Research]

May 8, 2019
importance of UI and UX in app

The digitization and technology are occupying the world entirely with time. In almost all industries, mobile apps are increasing in numbers from commuting to social networking that seems to be astonishing.

The way of life and new global trend are making life challenging for the enterprises and entrepreneurs to enhance user engagement rapidly.  It also offers a wide place to all the top companies of mobile app design to spend time in thinking out of the scope and find the ways to accomplish the development of the outstanding mobile app among the competitors and get to know the working of UI and UX and how they can aid with the same.

Come let’s just clear out thoughts regarding UX and UI with Wetech Digital. Let’s get started.

About UX & UI

Most of the time people get confused about UX with UI and vice versa, that sounds a common blunder.

A process that works on the improvement of interactivity and presentation of the mobile app, UI primarily targets the visuals and looks of the app. Thus UI designers try the convergent and creative approach and sort out the ways to beautify the app looks and make the UI of the app better. UI designers aids in bestowing a deserving position to the visual content, button, and app screen employing their exclusive visualization skills.

UI designers should be well-versed with the basic knowledge of the techniques and tools along with creative thinking that hold importance for developing a better app with the best UI while adhering to the user’s needs. These designers make the use of the sketch, illustrator, Adobe XD, and Adobe Photoshop.

On the contrary, UX works entirely on the mobile app’s wireframe and appropriately structure all the mobile app components to make a strong user flow. The story utters a take about building a basic structure and flow of an app. To sound like a successful UX designer, one should get a  perfect blend of both critical approach and creative thinking.

UX has to participate more with the enrichment of the user’s experience and form an app design with user-centric that’s the major goal of today. Another UX element plays an important role in putting into account the user’s research and needs. Plus, to be assured about the app’s proceeding as per the basic structure, regular usability testing is important and too for cross-checking all the other components.

To some beings, it may be like UX and UI can get swapped with each other, but there is always an invisible line between them that reveals a difference among both in the understanding and concepts and this difference is enough to lead to a successful mobile app.

UI Designing Fundamentals

Now, let’s move onto next stair where we are going to understand the core UX and UI elements designing that assist in the creation of a useful and all-rounder mobile app.

App Layout

With one of the elements of user interface designing, App layout, the designers make the best use of the area between the details and pull out the sense from confusion, in the best possible way. The layout of the app should be designed in a way that shouldn’t sound confusing for the users and app’s every element shapes perfectly for its utilization and placement.

Visual Desing of App

The visualization of the app should be much creative as needed by the UI designer as it impacts directly the factors like user engagement and interaction.

Color Scheme of App

The colour that goes with the overall brand and app theme is approved by the UI designer. Use of 4 to 5 colours is suggested in an app to show the mess, a distant path. Additionally, designers pick the colours with a materialistic design for mobile apps for Android and mobile apps for iPhone, guidelines of human interference.

Typography of App

To maintain an aesthetic branded look in the entire mobile app, the use of a single font is recommended. And if required, they can play the game around the same font only.

UX Designing Fundamentals


Initial Research

Initially, the UX designers understand and learn user’s perceptions and needs along with the industry trends to make a mobile app successful.

App Consistency

It’s important to maintain consistency in the app by the UX designer. Across the app, the style should be flexible so that there is no requirement of altering repeatedly on the user’s need.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Among the major tasks of a UX designer, creating user flows and wireframe is crucial as per the user’s specification. It is a recommended practice to develop an interactive prototype for a successful mobile app that aids a designer to maintain transparency and consistency among distinctive resources and teams working for building the app that will lead to an outstanding user attraction.


All the user interaction and the app flow should reveal a natural feel and convey an app message to the end user. Besides, the acknowledgement of the user’s action is important to get a great idea about the flow of the app.

Wrapping Lines

The above details by Wetech Digital might have made you learn the importance of UX and UI with all the variation between them as per the app designing concept entirely. Make sure you go for the best UI website for the service that is highly imperative for a rewarding mobile app.

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