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One of the imperative factors for the success of your business is the creation of a business identity. This can be done only by the best logo design company as the logo is the first thing that usually identifies a brand by the audience. That's why its design should be outstanding and utter about the services of the brands.

Custom Logo Design

We target complete customer satisfaction only. At Wetech Digital we make custom-made timeless, memorable, and highly complicated to simple logo designs.

Diverse Logo Designing

We craft the logos for brochures, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, banners, and more. Moreover, we also hold the caliber to make online assets such as website banners and other designs.

Creative Logos of Distinct Concepts

Being a leading logo design company, our designers perform dedicatedly on our clients' projects. We work deeply on every minute detail of the logo to assure we catch everything.

Why Choose Wetech Digital for Logo Design Services?

Crafting the Unique Designs For Engaging A Great Audience

Experienced Designers

At Wetech Digital your designs are going to be crafted by the experienced and proficient designers who have been catering high-end customized logo designs.

Distinctive Design Concepts

We offer multiple and varied design concepts for our clients to pick from. We do keep the track of the customer needs and move accordingly.

Detailed Brand Analysis

At Wetech Digital, our artistic designers undertake the logo design service after a deep analysis of our clients' brand and then craft accordingly.


We do take care of our clients' budgets, also simultaneously don't deliver compromising the quality. We only handover the best and anticipated outcomes.

Timely Delivery

While maintaining the best and creative logo designs, we are also attentive towards the timeframe and bestow the results within the decided time.

Hold Uniqueness With Creativity

While delivering the artistic logo design, we also do take care of the uniqueness as we know the importance of the logo uniqueness.

A blend of images, characters, and graphics that creates a sole design employed to recognize a business, organization, individual, company, or team is a logo. Typically, the logo is a visual image that’s employed as a company trademark or alternatively of the company name.
Our client will get many distinct files of their finalized logo design, in an assortment of sizes, colors, and file formats that can be employed in everything from the print projects to websites.
Post the completion of the design process, and being paid, the copyrights of that final logo are then transferred to our clients and they own them. We own the rights to any artistic ideas not chosen.
Well, there exist three sorts of different logos: Watermark Logos: Widely used logotype, watermark logos typically includes a typeface and text. The company name or text is normally written and is offered exceptional typographic treatment. Iconmarks / Brandmarks: A robust yet mere graphic symbol, brand marks stand for a company. This can be more abstract or realistic. Combination Marks: A blend of an iconic symbol and a wordmark is a combination mark. This is a simple way to convey the name of the company and introducing a component to pose like a company’s symbol. The components can be employed singly or together.
The logo design that our clients will get will be: Of distinct identity Holding versatile nature Memorable for all Authentic artwork Timeless idea Appealing at the first glimpse The right feel for you.
On attaining the final payment, the entire copyright ownership belonging to the finalized logo will be transferred to our clients. We only reserve the right to reveal the logo in our portfolio.
A logo makes the business face stand exceptionally unique above the competitors and the one that gets stuck to people’s minds. A logo assists the business to elevate by offering it more stylish and professional gape and making it rememberable to others. When a logo is crafted properly, it holds the caliber to convey the message that the one is professional, trustworthy, and credible.
Yes, of course, just offer us the latest version of the logo along with the expectations and needs you would like to attain.
First, we start with the initial meeting for the logo, we first start by discussing the ideas, uses, and target market for the logo. Then the clients are asked for their samples that may inform us by their taste. Sometimes, the clients come with a ready design in their mind. Some even don’t come up with their cherished idea also. We assure the grasp of a comprehensive idea before initiating the work. The logo design service we offer is much straight forward.
Yes, we offer our clients with any file they want, be it a vector, png, jpeg, or word file, such as clipart. Our logo design can be crafted to accomplish stationery and brand marketing embracing letterhead, business card, brochures design, direct mail design, envelopes, websites, mailing labels, email marketing, presentation folders and more that the business needs.

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