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The pattern of MVVM architecture allows enterprises to create a large-scale complicated project with the reusable components and perfect user interface without refactoring other logic in the codebase.

Wetech Digital is an adept application development brand that assists the organizations to leverage the advantage of MVVM architecture all through the apps crafted employing the latest technologies of Vue.js, Angular.js, React, nodeJS, BackboneJS, and more. The Model View View Model (MVVM pattern) aids in structuring and organizing systematically the code to script testable, maintainable, and extensible apps.

Model View View Model is an architectural pattern employed in software engineering that was created from Microsoft. It's a refinement of the MVC design. MVVM, the view model is employed for the adaptation of Presentation Separation. The MVVM reveals the methods and commands to handle the state of view and also manipulate the Model. MVVM eases a division of development of the GUI from the development of the business logic through a GUI code and markup language. We are experts and well-known for building the enterprise's apps on famed MVVM frameworks.

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Allowing our clients to use MVVM design patterns in WPF apps

An open-source, front-end JavaScript framework Angular's main target is to enhance the browser-based apps with MVC capability and lower down the amount of JS required to build web apps functional. Such sort of application is known as Single-Page Applications. It stays to be popular among the developers for various reasons. It permits the extension of the HTML's syntax to transfer the app's components effortlessly.

  • Angular

NodeJS provides you the options of appending extra resources to the sole nodes during the vertical scaling of the apps. It's much scalable and offers a better option as compared to other JavaScript servers. It's been considered as a full-stack JavaScript for offering both the server-side applications and the client. It's known to be much extensible that states that you can extend and customize NodeJS according to the needs.

  • NodeJS

A progressive framework, VueJS is employed for crafting user interfaces. Vue perfectly holds the caliber of empowering sophisticated Single-Page apps when employed with modern tools and supporting libraries. It facilitates the two-way interaction due to its MVVM architecture that leads to its easily manageable HTML blocks.

  • VueJS

JavaScript library that attracts binding HTML components against any data model, Knockout.js is chiefly employed for crafting responsive and rich display and editor user interfaces with the underlying, clean data model. It performs with any sort of server-side or client-side technologies.

  • KnockoutJS

Enjoy the benefits of the Xamarin mobile app development process and grab the robust mobile apps with this effective and dynamic cross-platform development framework. By holding the extensive knowledge of the practices and standards of Xamartin app development, we assist the organizations to craft the solutions that suit best to their business approaches. 

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • SQL Server 2014

  • SQLite

Yes, we offer custom made websites with required revisions to your unique designs. We start customization from the design all through the administration area to ease you handle your website.
Well, good question. We treat all our clients in a similar way regardless of your status and money you make. For such reason only we don’t hide anything from our clients and hold fair and reasonable rates for website design and development.
For designing a website, the client is needed to offer his website logo, content or text, photos, and related including video files, PPTs, etc.
It depends and varies from websites to website that’s based on the need. In the starting, we offer timeline estimates for every project.

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