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An open-source framework which is a cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment is NodeJS. It executes the JavaScript code, but outside the browser. Also, it employs JavaScript chiefly for client-side scripting. Such scripts that are written in JavaScript are rooted in the web browser of the user. Being widely known as the best NodeJS development company, Wetech Digital provides highly customized, also result-oriented services of NodeJS development to empower clients' business. Our adept technical team holds the caliber to design and craft apps depending on the NodeJS framework. They are well-familiar with the ins and outs of NodeJS.

Web Application Development

The development of the app programs that stay on remote services.

API Development

A framework for crafting HTTP services that can be employed by various clients embracing tablets, browsers, and mobiles

Real-time App Solutions

Apps that develop a best-fit network socket link with each device employing cloud technology.

Single page App Development

Website or web apps that interacts with the user by rewriting the existing page dynamically.

UI/UX Design

Both are imperative to an IT product and require to perform closely together.

Dashboard Development

Creation of real-time dashboards that integrate the crucial performance metrics of the business.

Why NodeJS for Your Next App Development Project?

Holding technicalities and providing an end-to-end solution

Easy Coding

NodeJS permits the developers to write JavaScript for the client and server both. It makes it easy to transform data between the client and the server.


It provides high scalability to control heavily loaded apps. It performs following a principle known as the event loop that makes it scalable for real-apps.

Dynamic NPM

It attracts an open-source technology, offers an end with a shared warehouse of the dynamic modules and tools.

Real-Time Web Apps

NodeJS crafts real-time web applications at a faster speed just when required.

Cross-Platform Development

With NodeJS, one can craft cross-platform desktop applications also.

Follows Fast Pace

It is widely known for its swift speed and agility all across the functional stream.

A JavaScript runtime, node.js is crafted on the top of a high-performance V8 engine of Chrome. JS code holds the caliber to run almost as rapidly as the one scripted in Java.
We can craft just anything with Node.js, but this wouldn’t be a wise pick always. Node.js shines in dealing with various realtime systems and the I/O operations. Because of its event-based nature, Node.js manages such situations better and much rapidly than other frameworks and languages.
The Node.js community is much active and always curious to assist. Credit goes to their support, the packages’ quality consistently improves. Though Node.js is simple to employ, still it provides a wide range of possibilities in the development. Node.js makes it possible to write both the front and back-end of an application employing one developing language, which is JavaScript. It enhances communication between the teams and makes it perform more efficiently. This leads to the quick development of the app. Non-blocking IO system that makes Node.js ultimately faster.
When it comes to CPU-heavy software, node.js shouldn’t be our taste. The incoming requests get blocked because of long-running calculations that can result in a performance drop.
Similar to hosting providers, node.js can perform with any database, both SQL and NoSQL ones. There exist an assumption that employing NoSQL-based databases is much simple with Node.js. It’s because we don’t need to declare an absolute strict schema in such databases and, we can simply convey any entry, most importantly, from the database into a JavaScript object. Though, this is a dual-way road. With no strict data definition, we may finish up with the inconsistencies in our app crucial for your business.
Node.js can be employed for anything, but it may not prove to be the best wand for machine learning. Because of its single-threaded nature, the node apps are not specifically good at heavy-task calculations like machine learning. In some of the cases, Node.js may though be good enough, for example, for the basic regression, feature extraction or classification. If we would like to append machine learning to our app, we should acknowledge employing Python with Theano or Tensorflow.

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