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QA and Test Automation

“Match up your testing pace with our cost-effective and rapid automation testing services.” We, at Wetech Digital, specialize in test automation services that can aid your project at any level. Starting from automating the regression sets to the designing of new test cases and execution of scripts for fast results, we assure the effectiveness and quality of the entire process.

We Offer:

  • Software Test Automation
  • Web Application Automation Testing
  • Web Service Automation Testing
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Mobile Test Automation
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Why Automation Testing?

  • Manual Testing takes more time.
  • Testing done manually may be error-prone.
  • Automation renovates test coverage.
  • Automation offers often and early feedback.
  • Payback and ROI


Why We?

Success rules followed by us:

  • Independent Tests

Without depending on the continuous running of order, automated tests run independently.

  • Script Reusability

Script maintenance is reduced by re-utilizing automated test scripts. This will require changing of the tests at one place only.

  • Use of DSL

Domain Specific Language (DSL) allows easily precise automated tests for better association.


Reasons of Choosing Us

Cost-Effective Services

We understand that software development can be a very expensive business venture. Thus, We offers flexible and cost-effective software consulting & QA services.

Growth Srategy

The software development can be a very costly business investment for you, we understand. Therefore, we bestow a cost-effective and flexible software and QA services.

Quality Product

We lay emphasis on the requirement of the customers and then leverage our tools to act accordingly. We adopt the best practices of the industry and work hard to maintain high-quality code.

Quick Delivery

For any project, the time holds an important role, so our main focus is always kept on the quick delivery with maintained quality. We don’t just build, we shape accordingly to meet the needs of the client.

24/7 Support

To provide seamless support to our clients, we are always available with our experts to help you out with all types of solution for varied issues. You may contact for any relevant services and support.


We are well equipped with a team of experienced, dedicated, and talented engineers and designers since years for offering a fused experience for developing top-level software solutions.

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