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WeTech Digital reap the advantages of React Native to assist our clients in developing original cross-platform mobile apps. Our development caliber employs a single codebase shared among distinct platforms allowing rapid time to market along with shorter development cycles and swift development times employing various features.

Various industries are enjoying the benefits of React Native services embracing location-based applications, social networking, e-commerce, utility tools, and more. React Native's USP is the time and cost saver traits. It charges a lot of time and money to jump onto separate iOS and Android development. React Native is a feature-rich and wide JavaScript library that offers Android and iOS style of UI building blocks to craft faster and smooth navigation oriented and interactive UI mobile apps. The rich set of libraries strengthen the developers to make real-time mobile apps with the akin powerful Objective C and Java.

App Development

The process or act through which a mobile application is built for mobile devices.

Hybrid App Development

Development of the applications that are web apps in the native browser.

Migrating jQuery/NativeScript

Migrating jQuery restores the deprecated traits and nature to make the older code run properly on the modern jQuery version .

Plugin Development

The expert plugin developers employ best practices that assist in developing plugins

Maintenance Solutions

The solutions that lower-down the breakdowns, enhancing savings and raising uptime, extending the tool life, and more.

Why React Native for Application Development

Get best, accurate, and faster mobile applications through our services

Offers Cross-Platform

It permits us to get an app for two platforms at a time, Android and iOS. The framework blends the gains of an app with the agility of React's environment.

Great Performance

When developed with React Native, the application turns out to be better than created by any other framework, particularly in memory usage.

Single Code Base for Both Platforms

To craft various mobile OS, the single code base is deployed. The components are used repeatedly anytime without any need for recreating them.

Permits Faster Development

The facility for the same code for deployment comes with React Native both on Android and iOS. Businesspersons save money and time by shortening the development cycle.

Great Developer Tools

It comes equipped with tools and consoles that allow you to easily and effectively execute functions without any lags or latency.

Targets on UI

React Native targets on mobile UI crafting and comparing with other frameworks. It develops React Native look more akin to JavaScript library than a framework.

Being the best company for react-native development, we know well how the codes are reused. If you are looking for developing an app for only one platform, then the revert depends on your current employees. You should know whether you hold a team of native experts. There exist a rare exception when we may found React Native to be costly, but it would also be wrong to say that it’s a comprehensive cure. Reach to us today to get all the relevant replies for your particular organization.
A JavaScript framework, React Native is employed for scripting Android and iOS applications that emerged by Facebook in the year 2015. Well, the tool is comparatively young, it has empowered some of the most complicated systems worldwide at companies such as Skype, Instagram, and more. Also, its open-source libraries increase with every new year that makes it a more beneficial pick for mobile development.
While working on a React Native project, most of the time, we script React code that doesn’t vary from the code indeed that’s known from React for the web. But, we should be informed of the exceptional traits of mobile platforms. By default, React developers are different from the React Native developers. We hold the caliber to convert React developers into the React Native developers in less time by offering them a chance to become experts and have experience in React Native.
In the initial days, we come across with about 75 to 80% code reuse. When we talk about today, the figure has struck about 90% code-reuse. Such fluctuations come from Android or iOS third-party libraries in an enhanced way that holds the solutions for the edge-cases. For a community-driven project, this proves to be an advantage. We are already running on the track of re-usability between React Native and React for the web. With the proposed solutions such as React Native DOM, React Native Web, the separations keep depreciating.
If we want to craft an app that doesn’t utilize various complicated or mobile-specific functionalities, React Native along with its community libraries should attain the most in spite of all the needs. Though, if the required featured are still not supported, the developers wrap up scripting the native modules. We can also depend on the open-source projects to offer the native links, but this doesn’t assure a viable solution.
One, the most important fact about React Native is that we can reuse the code that we wrote for distinct operating systems (Android, iOS). This states performing in one framework for distinct platforms. For 2 years, it’s been known as the fastest-growing framework. We also predicted that soon it would be feasible to utilize React Native with no code and just see, it has become more than a truth now.
PhoneGap, Cordova, and Ionic are for hybrid apps. This states utilizing HTML/CSS/JavaScript, also holding the mobile browser define and run the applications as still it’s a webpage. This strategy can attain the target, but the user experience suffers always. React Native doesn’t utilize WebView unlike Ionic and more. On the contrary, applications crafted with React Native are accomplished using native components that permit for seamless native and animation look as they will assure to the standards set by the OS.

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