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We are the top website development company all over the globe and are specialized in crafting efficient virtual branding and building W3C standard sites that fit all devices. We offer top-class web development services and hold years of experience. Wetech Digital attracts the most satisfactory results for your digital needs and assists your business to expand.
There exist a variety of programming languages that developers pick as per their comfort and need. Let's name a few PHP, .Net, Java, Ruby On Rail, and more. Moreover, mean-stack is also preferred for app development. Full-stack development is employed for front end and back end development.

Being a renowned web development company, we hold a team of dedicated web developers who creates engaging and powerful sites. We employ bold design and ultra-clean approach to bestow standards dependent markup code for your sites that raises exceptional Google search position, assist in enhancing the conversion. We believe that good visibility online begins with a good website and your website is more than a visual representation of your company's profile. We hold the skills and experience to build your website, then reveal to you how a true web development company will make your business and brand grow. Our approaches are crafted from experience and designed to generate real outcomes over time, the outcomes that are forever and grow. Our engineers and professionals are experienced and hold expertise in attaining the requirements of small businesses, assisting them to craft their mark and enhance the growth of their online presence, brand, and reputation. Our team is an expert at using technologies to customize the feel and look of the website.


Custom Website Development Through the use of Latest Technology

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We integrate both the imagination and creativity while providing our clients with absolute PHP development services. Wetech Digital has a team of professional PHP website developers who are proficient in delivering suiting website solutions.

  • CakePHP

  • Yii

  • Zend

  • Codeigniter

  • Symfony

  • Laravel


A development and web app technology, ASP.NET is commercialized by Microsoft that the programmers can employ to develop dynamic sites, web services, and web apps. It benefits over other script-based technologies by compiling the server-side code.

  • Visual Studio 2015

  • .NET Core

  • .NET 4.5

  • Visual Studio Code


With the new elements, attributes, and behavior of HTML, we create robust web apps. Using CSS3, we craft an exceptional layout with the gradients, animation, shadows, transitions, flexible grids to append design to the products of our clients. Also, our expert team members motivate stable, literate coding that employs programming constructs such as nesting blocks, real variables, and mix-ins.

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Bootstrap

  • Foundation 3

  • Grid Systems

  • HTML5 Boilerplate

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Java web applications employ distributed computing that runs on various computers over a single network. This process assists the enterprises to update and also maintain their app network and the servers. It diminishes the requirement for software installation on the client computers.

  • Spring

  • Maven

  • Java EE 7

  • Git

  • IntelliJ

  • Jenkins


While performing with open source technology, the code is shared between the developers, so everyone is allowed to re-build, test, and learn from one another. As most of the industries are adopting open source technologies in almost all verticals, many advanced technologies have employed open source like their basics.

  • Magento

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

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A robust framework that permits the crafting of highly responsive and dynamic apps and websites that are akin to desktop apps in terms of processing speed and load time is JavaScript. It assists businesses to match consumer expectations by offering exceptionally interactive interfaces that motivate impressive UX.

  • Kendo

  • Node.JS

  • jQuery

  • Angular JS

  • Ember

  • ReactJS

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eCommerce Development

Our experts are skilled in crafting e-commerce-centric web app development

Web Portal Development

We build customer-targeted web portals that hold all the essential functionalities.

Enterprise Web Development

We craft various custom B2C and B2B portals, media, intranets, and enterprise information systems.

Custom Web Development

We build alter-made customized web app development for all the needs.

CMS Web Development

Our adept developers craft CMS web apps that are technically complicated yet easy-to-use.

Support & Maintenance

We offer exceptional maintenance services to raise your web app performance.

Yes, we offer custom made websites with required revisions to your unique designs. We start customization from the design all through the administration area to ease you handle your website.
Well, good question. We treat all our clients in a similar way regardless of your status and money you make. For such reason only we don’t hide anything from our clients and hold fair and reasonable rates for website design and development.
For designing a website, the client is needed to offer his website logo, content or text, photos, and related including video files, PPTs, etc.
It depends and varies from websites to website that’s based on the need. In the starting, we offer timeline estimates for every project.
The desktop application is machine-independent, therefore every alteration reflects at the machine-level. Whereas Web app is the internet-dependent program, therefore any change made in the program gets reflected everywhere, where it’s used.
A broad tag for the work embraced in developing a website for the internet is web development. In other words and distinct way, it’s a chance to expand a business and make it world-wide visible.
In redesigning the existing website, the old gape of an organization is retained and in-turn it’s given a new and captivating look. Moreover, the website gets the benefits of the latest tools and technologies also.
If the existing website includes a CMS (Content Management System), then one can access his administrative section from anywhere in the presence of the Internet connection. He can make updates immediately and as frequently he wants. One can also update HTML pages if not having CMS included. One can also hire the best web design and development company for so.
This relies on the amount of information one wants to showcase on his website. If you hold many products and services, then it would be beneficial to hold a database developed into his design.
One needs a domain name, a web server along with a professionally created website. Moreover, a website to be up to the host and promoted to search engines.

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