Social Media Trends for Next Year 2020

November 18, 2019

It would not be a hyperbole if we say today that people are giving most of their time to social media. 

Nowadays, social media is like a crucial core of people’s lives and even their daily routine. Some have appended it to their habit so much that their mornings just take a start after checking the feeds on social media. 

On realizing how important social media is in the lives of consumers,  the businesses and marketers gather with social platforms with a target of linking with their potential customers. Still, on social media there exist a content burden and the competition seems to be much high. It can be much hard for you to be unique unless you hold a clear social media marketing approach. 

Staying up with the updated version the latest trends on social media can aid in instilling your approach and make you be exceptional in the group. The following are the top 8 social media trends that one requires to be informed for 2020 and even beyond. 

Social Media Trends in 2020

Here are the trends in social media this year.

Ephemeral Content Will Not Die

The life of such type of content lasts for a short span that disappears later. Snapchat stories and Instagram are the best examples of such sort of content. 

Today, the spans of the people’s attention are short and the way of their content consumption has also tailored. This is how content formats like the Stories have gained popularity. They are engaging, short, and addictive in a manner that people love to spend hours scrolling all through the Stories one after another. 

Niche Social Platforms Will Go Well

Instagram and Facebook have great dominated social media as the most popular and largest platforms. In recent years, still, many distinct niche social media platforms have apart from emerging have essentially grown to the frame. 

Let’s take TikTok as an example, one such platform which imprinted its foot in 2016 and promptly gained the popularity among the youth. There are many such other social media platforms that are earning fame and will constantly do the same in the upcoming year and also ahead. 

Instagram May Take Out Likes

One of the biggest social media networks, Instagram and any huge alterations applied here can shape-up the social media scenario. One such a big alteration is the chances of Instagram removing the feature of likes for the posts. 

Recently, Instagram tested this plan in a beta test and soon may implement this alteration globally. The concept that is given by the likes pick out the social value of a person for this validation is disturbing the mental health of the beings. 

Nevertheless, there are many souls who completely reject the idea and believe that Instagram wishes to apply this alteration to increase their income. The brands pay immense sums of money to the influencers to advertise their products. None of such funds fly to Instagram. Indeed, influencer marketing holds so much fame that the brands are going away from traditional methods of marketing like advertising. 

If Instagram takes out the likes then the brands wouldn’t become capable to map the direct influence of their campaigns as they perform that easily now. This may motivate some of the brands to invest in Instagram Ads as they are able to track easily the ROI for those. 

A landscape where Instagram removes the likes successfully and gets added marketers to move ahead towards their ads feature for social media marketing could be converting. This will not just influence the influencers but can also motivate other social networks to conduct such steps. 

Social Commerce Will Grow

Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook and other social media platforms are used for long by the brands to advertise and sell their products and services. Social commerce now poses a new retail road for the brands and this trend will continue to grow and strengthen ahead. 

Social commerce is moving well ahead to wear the mask of a mainstream retail channel with the other mediums such as offline stores and websites. This trend is going to extend further with an increasing number of social networks proposing pro-selling functionalities. 

From the shoppable posts to Instagram Storefronts, social networks are constantly emerging to become the retail platforms. Marketers and brands will impact and incorporate social commerce within their sales approaches. 

Video Content Will Rule

One of the most engaging types of content, video content will soon rule the social media as a clear victor all over other sorts of content. Whether it’s short-form video such as those hot on TikTok or the Stories or the long-form content on YouTube, the videos are the tomorrow of social media content. 

As per a study by Cisco, by next year, i.e 2020, about 82% of online content will be the video content. This shows clearly how imperative it’s to initiate using video content to be related in the social media domain. 

If you are not moving towards the path of creating the video, it’s time now that you should embrace it in your content approach. In the future, videos will rule social media and the one who doesn’t get it will suffer a tough time. 

You can begin utilizing features like Stories both for advertisements and social media content. You can also append videos to your posts on social media, even on the platforms that were dominated traditionally by text content or image. 

Technology Adoption Will Be a Big-Hit Every Time

Social media will notice a hike in the pick of the technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). As such platforms grow, the users will expect better and more captivating experiences and such technologies can help in attaining this. 

Facebook is taking big steps already in such direction with the preamble of Horizon, their social virtual reality realm. This is a sort of virtual realm where the beings can link, explore, and play games. This is the ahead level of social link and could be the fate of social media. 

While the choice of VR in social media could still be at a much initial stage, the akin can’t be assumed for AR. Now, Augmented Reality filters are being employed on various big platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. These were brought in as a means to improve the visual content made live on social media and are most popular. 

Influencer Marketing Will Go Rising

Influencer marketing is no longer a new trend but is the one that’s going to still stay. Today, social media is ruling by the influencers who are getting paid with the extreme amounts to promote the brands.

The selection of such a trend can be viewed from both prospects. One can be viewed by the abrupt rise in the influencer’s number on social media. The next one can be viewed by the rise in the marketing investment on influencer marketing by businesses. 

Spending on influencers is very cheap as compared to the running paid campaigns and still, it passes good outcomes. Furthermore, influencers can assist marketers to attain a kind of marketing targets and produce the leads. Such reasons are the main that states why it gained much fame and constantly becoming robust and bolder. 

Marketers are not only collaborating now with 1-2 influencers. Such kinds of influencers get enhanced engagement and charge much less. Moving forward, increased marketers will utilize this approach and perform with various smaller influencers in spite of one star. 

Extra Legal Scrutiny & Regulatory Control

As there are various advantages of social media, there are specific negatives that have gained the spotlight in recent years. Security and data privacy are two issues that have created the titles for social networks such as Facebook. 

Social media can be much easily utilized to accumulate details about anybody and misuse it. These are the allegations that several social networks also sell their user data to other firms. 

In its limelight, regulatory bodies and social networks will stiffen their norms and place more policies there. Social media is acknowledged as unsafe by various people and it would be the interest of all to alter that. So, be all set for more restrictions and regulations on all the platforms. 

There are a few trends that are going to rule the landscape of social media in 2020 and ahead. Influence these trends to your benefits and be forward of your competitors.  

Social media is a competitive and dynamic space and such trends can aid you to speed up your social media punch. So, be informed of the advance developments all around such themes and employ these for your initiatives for social media.

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