Software Development Trends This Year

July 18, 2019

Today, the software-defined world has been created by Technology. With the evolvement and change in the technologies, we see the hike in the trends of new software development, which further drifts the growth. 2018 was not that different. We also witnessed exceptional developments in the software development world. In fact, we saw the enhancement of the cloud-based software development, the foundation of DevOps, and the growing significance of the testing. 

But, what about 2019? Let’s just look at some trends that will influence software development this year.

Artificial Intelligence

By the end of this year, the revenue of the AI industry will touch about $1.2 trillion. When we talk about the next two years, it’s expected that business value that took birth from AI would touch $3.9 trillion. The wave of digital transformation that’s taking almost all the organizations is making the image clear, that AI will in trend constantly in the universe of software possibly for 2022. 

This year, we will observe the utilization of AI to enhance the speed and improve the efficiency of software development, be it for developing smart assistant for speeding up the development process, to automatic debugging, to automate the code generation, to develop and instruct an automated system to generate accurate estimates to create MVPs faster. The impact of AI will always be all around that you just can’t ignore.  


The meta-technology, blockchain holds a sole ledger of transactions and allows smart contracts. It clutches a shared database that is available to the end-to-end network but is protected from the unauthorized access. The cryptographic technique secures this technology, which assists in the development of the application using the same in a more secure manner. 

The feel of the presence of Blockchain is experienced in various distinct sectors be it banking, retail, financial services, public administration, and healthcare. It’s just a matter of a little before when Blockchain poses a prime target for the organizations embraced in the software development. As the security lies on the top of all, the requirement for the blockchain-based applications will rise. It’s like 2019 is the best year to hold this tech trend. 

Progressive Web Apps

Our attention just got bounced when an announcement of progressive web apps got in the air that it’s an active software trend now. However, in 2019, with a solid app ecosystem, we expect that Progressive Web apps are going to become dominant and own that promised level. As the economy of the app become robust, and the environment of mobile evolves, progressive web apps are going to become normal gradually in this altering ambience. 

According to research, progressive web apps are expected to increase mobile traffic to 68% and installation and load time 15 times faster as compared to that of native apps. These web apps need 25 times less space of device storage to easily develop, maintain, and offer the gains of mobile experience with the characteristics of browser technology. 

Security Rules

In the space of software development, the security always remains on everybody’s mind. The enhanced target of security during software development is going to raise this year. Research showed that data leakage and loss is the topic of concern for cybersecurity professionals. 

Software development organizations are also required to monitor the regulatory considerations for the specific industries. 

They should also follow the best practices of security and assure that all the guidelines of security and protocols are consistently met. To make security more strong, companies are also seeking Managed Security Providers (MSP) for the strong application security without settling the development timelines. 

Automation Testing

With test automation all around, in 2019 automated testing will be a trend continuation. With the continuous need for releasing better-tested products, this will be constant, which actually means it’s forever. As the testing gets deeply instilled into every methodology of software development, test automation will become more common with the testing team aiming for higher levels of the automated test coverage. 

We will see the test automation in 2019, handling AI for better test accuracy. Tests will grow to be more smart, comprehensive, and more dependable. In fact, with that also, they will be less taxing and faster. As a result, the products will become more robust and better tested. 

In 2019, Robotic Process Automation or RPA will become dominating. RPA will kick to automate the high-volume repeatable tasks, thus making them more accurate, faster, and less effort-intensifier. 

Wrapping Lines

This year will prove to be the most exciting year of the software development world. Let’s just see how these trends develop by the end of this year. Just check us back at the end of 2019 for our prediction review. 

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