SWOT Analysis Of WordPress: All You Need To Know 

September 9, 2019

A widely known open-source Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is employed for creating a blog, a website and also an application. Namely, without the need for learning any code, WordPress use just a web browser and permits the development and management of a fully-functional site. Launched in the year 2003, WP has covered a long time and today the top companies prefer adopting it. The best thing about WP is that it’s flexible, easy to use, and free to download. It can be customized according to the user requirements. This is the damn top reason why it’s in demand and its popularity is touching the sky from the past few years. Today, approx. 32% of the websites online are getting fuelled up with WP. 

SWOT Analysis of WordPress

Today, Wetech Digital will discuss the ins and outs of SWOT analysis of WordPress. Let’s get started:




Here, the type of functionality is not paid the heed, as possible all types of plug-ins are already ready to go according to the needs, in the WordPress store. The WordPress powered site’s usability is expanded by loads of available plugins for everything. Most of the plugins are highly configurable and easy to download. The use of plugins has made one capable of beautifying the appearance and expanding the functionality of the website. 


WordPress holds search engine friendly codes and uses them for building blogs or website resultantly making them ready to get indexed on the top search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. Putting it differently, for the website development, the use of WordPress platform bestows an upper hand in the game of SEO. The following elements are taken into consideration by this robust platform:

  • Title tags, headings, and descriptions
  • Easy content creation
  • Proper HTML mark-up
  • Permalink structure
  • Optimized images


All New Gutenberg Editor (WordPress 5.0)

The classic WordPress editor has got revamped completely with the new editor, Gutenberg. Known as a block-based editor, it permits the users to edit, add and manipulate the content of multimedia using the blocks of content. One can easily focus on the content and blocks. 

The working of the classic editor might not be strange to the one who has a smooth hand on WordPress. It’s like a single box to which one can add embed videos, write text, add images, create galleries and more. However, the birth of WordPress 5.0, the new Gutenberg, “Bebo”, has replaced everything by allowing a sleek writing experience where a block encloses each element of content. 

By default, Gutenberg arrives with various blocks to add generally used elements of content like cover images, videos, images, text, media, photo gallery, quotes, lists, buttons and more. A separate entity, each block comes with its settings and toolbar, which aids the user to tailor the basic options of formatting along with the colours, width, and other block’s attributes. 

PROS OF Gutenberg WordPress Editor

  • Blocks are employed for fun
  • Beginners can use easily
  • User experience less distraction. 
  • Working on mobile become great.
  • Allows the content creators to follow their choice for medium style editing. 




A fact being a popular and open-source platform, WordPress lies mostly at the target of hackers. It’s a well-known thing that WordPress heavily relies on third-party extensions, themes, plugins for customization. These themes, extensions, and plugins are developed by various companies and developers and since there is no boss over them, anyone can add a bug or malicious code easily to steal the data of the websites. 


To make a loud website, it’s necessary to customize its gape employing the free themes would result in overuse, so going for the custom theme would prove to be a right pick. The inclusion of several new codes will be a requirement for personalizing in a better way. This can be accomplished if one is an expert in CSS, HTML, and PHP. 




In the beginning, with the zero investment, a range of possibility is offered. With WordPress, one can give a green signal to the website even without paying a penny. As the business touches the heights, one can spend as required to make it more alluring for the customers. However, you are not bound to go for customization.


Arrived with a blogging platform, WordPress is unfolding steadily and today, it is regarded as a widely-known website builder. 

This reason may be accepted as responsible for standing out confidently opposite to CMS. The days are gone when WordPress was employed for creating simple blogs, today it permits to develop a scalable, robust and featured website. 




Today, among the blogging platform, the fire of competition is getting air. With the arrival of most of the competitive platforms of blogging like Weebly, Wix, Yola, Tumblr, Medium and so on, the people are taking a shift. So, this may result in variations in profit. 



In spite of emerging competitors, WordPress still covers Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with millions of relevant search results. Along with its easy to use UI and versatile structure, WordPress is ruling the CMS market with over 59.6% shares. 

Despite threats and weaknesses, WordPress is still a popular tag which opens the doors wide for the possibilities and offers tremendous value to the users who are new to the world of website designing and development. 

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