Top 7 Creative Ways to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

August 2, 2019

The most important part of our business life is business writing. Being in the professional realm, every day you need to write and send various emails. In fact, the conversational manner demands professionalism. This is acknowledged as one of the ways that demand the use of business writing. 

Well, business writing is not so common, most of the people are still deprived of this talent. This straight point the unprofessional emails that they are dispatching daily. This may result in missed opportunities and miscommunication. In fact, until now, throughout your career, you might have got hit with the poorly written emails that you found to be difficult to figure out. 

To do it all well, you are required to acknowledge the way of writing business-specific writeups. So, you too should know well how to create business writings. 

Today, we are here to check out top 7 ways to enhance your business writing abilities:

Accumulate Vocab Words and Carry out Practicing with Them

There exist various discrete dictionary email lists or vocabulary that only need your sign-up. You will get new vocab words through these subscriptions every day all through the week. You may create a list on your personal device or jot them down. You should also keep new vocab words in mind. Per week, use some words from that list, most of the times per week in creating a short story. This will allow you to be no stranger to the words and will assist you to employ them accurately. Using superior vocab words that can push to more professional and sophisticated business writing. 

Try Rewriting Already written Piece of Literature

You may look through the newspaper, book, or magazine and pick a piece of literature. Take some time and write the literature and make it more business-like or professional. Append any word you have learned from your list. By rewriting the already crafted piece, you will have to start from the base. Repeat this 1 to 2 times a week to enhance your crucial thinking skills and vocabulary. 

Try Writing the Stories of Images you Find

Explore the web or social sites and assemble a few images. Even you can go through the photo library belonging to you. Pick an image and start writing about it. You may take it as inspiration and as a base of your writing. You can also keep it as simple as possible and emerge with the topics based on the images, which will assist you with comprehension and critical thinking. Those experiences are fruitful in business writing and also the other forms of communication. Additionally, you may go for writing the full stories that are based on these images, which will also aid you to build these skills and get more writing practice. 

Go for Rewriting your Old E-mails

Click your sent mailbox in your email, pick some older emails of your that perhaps need some work. Resending is not required, but this will lead to more good practice as you will try rewriting them. In fact, you can draw their print and highlight all the words that might be used incorrectly. Again write the sentences that you find hard to understand. Embrace the additional vocab words. Just make use of sharp eyes to review these emails and be ready to make the alterations. You can use them while writing business emails for further use. You will soon become able to acknowledge the changes and the way of its application. 

Pick Sample Emails for Rewriting

Go for online research to find samples of business emails. You may use them to practice with the same style and format. Just append your own words to tailor the things up. You can also employ the past experience to make these emails ready that can be employed for later use. 

Practise Keeping the Things Short

Earlier, you might have overloaded the emails that could have been finely written in half only. To perform this, you may look back to the old ones. Pick a few with long tails and get down making them short. Don’t indulge the message in the dark, but make it over-explained in some of the areas. While making your email more precise, you are actually making them more reader-friendly. This also points towards the direct and to the point attitude of your message, that’s actually good for the readers. It assists you so that you don’t have to give most of your time in writing the essays, not the messages. 

Read Aloud your Work

By reading aloud your work, you will hit the things that got slipped while a simple scanning was carried before sending off. Be in a quiet place and read loudly. It’s likely you will notice tone, flow, and the possible gaps in the piece. Then, you can find the areas which require rewriting. 

Apart from these activities, don’t forget to practice writing as often as possible. Give some of your time daily to brush up your skills in business writing. Your hard work will definitely pay you back. You should try out the list above to get the best outcomes. This will assist in growing your skills. Even if you believe that you are proficient in business writing, still there lies a room for improvement. If you think that it’s not your cup of tea then you can hire a professional writer for your business writing needs.

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